FLYERS for students age 10 – 11

Course Books:

Super Minds” Level 5 by Cambridge University Press.

Class Time:

Each class is 1 hour – 20 minutes and the class meets 2 times a week.

The FLYERS course is based on the skills needed for students to successfully use English at Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).   The curriculum used for this course is called “Super Minds” from Cambridge University Press.  This course is one of the last courses in the Super Minds series and the themes and format in this course are consistent with the entire Super Minds program.

As in prior courses, students work with all aspects of learning English including building vocabulary, learning grammar, writing, listening and speaking.  The language skills are developed at A2 level and include a wide range of new vocabulary, more advanced grammar topics, exciting and interesting articles and stories, with listening and speaking activities at a higher level.  Students practice speaking in dialogues and role plays that are designed to help them learn the new vocabulary and practice the grammar skills learned in each unit.  Also, as in the prior course, music and rhythm are used to help develop pronunciation and make learning fun and interesting.  And electronic white boards are used to enhance course material with interactive games and learning activities.  Students also practice more advance writing skills that help them to incorporate the new grammar learned in each unit.  In addition, the course helps students develop cognitive skills and explore social values through reading and speaking tasks.  A range of thinking skills are taught and practiced including more specialized cognitive language skills such as scanning text and understanding text coherence, identifying patterns, logical thinking, story analysis, creative and lateral thinking.

In each of these courses students also practice for the Cambridge FLYERS exam with Cambridge exam preparation materials.  In exam preparation students can practice what they learn in each unit and develop their language abilities to use level A2 Skills.


Super Minds Level 5:

The central theme of explorers and their adventures is continued in this book.  Each unit includes interesting stories and articles as various language topics are covered in the unit.  The topics covered in this course include experiments, natural disasters, rainforest life and environment, music, rhythm and concerts, food, restaurants and healthy eating, geography and natural materials, souvenirs, theater and story, jobs and oceans and seas.

Each unit covers a core of new vocabulary with interesting reading text and stories.  Also, each unit includes two grammar lessons relevant to the theme and students practice the grammar with both writing tasks and speaking tasks.   The grammar topics are more advanced and are used to develop writing and speaking at level A2.  Speaking tasks use dialogues and conversations that help students learn and practice functional language and collocations needed for this level.  Again, as in prior courses, a phonics focus incorporated in a story to help students learn and practice specific sounds and to help students develop word recognition and reading skills.  And in each lesson social values are presented in story form to help students discuss and form important life values.

Student’s progress is regularly monitored throughout the school year.  Students must be actively involved in their study in these courses to complete them successfully.  This includes participation in class activities and regularly completing home tasks.  We keep parents informed of students’ involvement in the courses especially regarding the completion of homework tasks and practice exam results.  Also, we make recommendations for improving their study habits in progress reports to the parents.