Passing the unified state exam (EGE) in the English language is necessary for admission to Russian higher educational institutions in the fields of finance, economics, and  humanitarian studies.

A key component for successful admission to quality universities is to demonstrate a high level of  English.

The EGE exam in English consists of two parts, oral and written. They are designed to test a wide range of English language skills.

The written part of the exam includes tasks in four sections – “Listening”, “Reading”, “Grammar and Vocabulary”, and  “Writing (essay)”.

The oral part checks the knowledge of phonetics and communicative features of English speech.

If you are studying at school and still have a long time before entering a university, you should not postpone the conscious study of English for later.  You can achieve a higher level if you start NOW.  Already in 2020, Russian schools have introduced a compulsory a state foreign language exam (Basic State Exam, OGE) for all 9th ​​grade graduates. The structure of the OGE exam repeats the structure of the “EGE” exam.

We currently are offering training courses for the Russian state exams EGE and OGE.

Duration of training courses:

– for EGE we have a 1 year (intensive course) and a 2 years (advanced course),

– for OGE – we have a 1 year course.

Also, our teachers will help to fully prepare students for the oral part, as well as the tasks of all four sections of the written part of the state exams.

We offer Exam preparation in both small  groups  or individual instruction with a teacher.

We use up to date technology and curriculum to help students adequately prepare for the Russian state exams OGE and EGE.  These courses also help lay a solid foundation to help students advance to higher levels of English so that students can be successful in using English for life and study in the modern world.