Class Time: Each class is 1 hour – 30 minutes and the class meets 2 times a week.


General English:

We offer English courses for adults at all levels from starters through advanced.  All our adult courses have small groups (8 or less students per group) to help facilitate speaking and learning.  The courses are comprehensive and develop all aspects of learning the language including reading, speaking, listening, writing, learning new vocabulary and grammar.  However, these courses focus on developing conversational English and the ability to function and communicate in English.

Each course runs for approximately 8 – 9 months and each course is designed to help the student advance one level of language ability during this time.  This means that students are able to advance in the language by using all aspects of the language but especially are able to use English in a conversational setting.  In our adult courses, each class meets for one and a half hours and the classes meet 2 times each week.

We use Cambridge curriculum for our adult courses and we use multi-media resources to help make the course interesting and fun.  The topics covered in each course are interesting and useful for adults in the modern world and relevant to the level of language being studied.  They provide a great way to learn new vocabulary and grammar in useful contexts.  Students practice speaking in a range of formats with interesting dialogues, role-plays, and conversations that help develop speaking with common everyday English.

Learning a new language as an adult is a big and difficult challenge and so we focus on a step by step, level by level approach to help make this difficult challenge doable by helping our students make steady and consistent progress.  The Cambridge curriculum is very high quality and the small size groups make learning interesting and fun so that learning a new language as an adult is possible and realistic.


Business English:  This course is designed to meet the needs of students who work in a modern business environment.  The course develops English language training through using business themes and vocabulary but the focus of the course is still on developing a comprehensive use of language skills including speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary, grammar, and writing.  The course runs for 9 months and the course is designed to help the student advance one level of language ability during this time.

While the course themes focus on Business topics students also learn to use English skills for normal communication used in everyday life.  The topics are interesting and informative and we use a range of speaking tasks to help students practice and use English not just in a business context but also in common conversation.  The group size for each class is small with no more than 8 students per group and each class meets for one and a half hours and classes meet two times each week.